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Trade facilitation, which is now the main aspect of the inspection program is expected to become a lot more efficient in the near future, people are becoming more and more aware about the system, and there is a proposition of introducing automation at all levels of the trade circle and provision of an improved regulatory interface between government bodies and importers to make this possible.

The Federal Government in most sub-Saharan countries has mandated companies to handle the inspection of goods being traded in each country. The scope of services provided is based on the agreement as per the mandate with the country’s government. The services include pre-shipment inspection, destination inspection and verification of conformity, among other services. The major international names conducting inspection of traded goods in the region include:

  • Cotecna
  • Bureau Veritas (BIVAC)
  • Societe Generale Surveillance (SGS)
  • Intertek Caleb Brett Limited
  • Cobalt International Services Ltd.
  • Global Scansystems Limited (GSL).

These above mentioned companies have offices distributed, more or less, around most of the sub-Saharan countries, providing inspection services in various industries such as Agriculture, food, textile, oil and gas, banking, technology, minerals, etc… In the governmental mandates, certain traded goods are exempted from inspection, majorly in pre-shipment inspection if the value of the goods is within a certain value range.

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