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Sierra Leone
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The small West African state of Sierra Leone has no known oil or gas resources, either onshore or offshore, and so no upstream oil industry. The downstream oil industry is wholly dependent on petroleum products imported from neighboring West African countries.

Sierra Leone has no known petroleum resources and therefore no upstream oil industry. In August 2000, however, it was announced that the Ministry of Mineral Resources of Sierra Leone and TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company were planning a joint project comprising a non-exclusive 2-D seismic programme of the Liberia Basin offshore Sierra Leone.

In September 2009, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, a United States oil firm, announced the discovery of an "active petroleum deepwater oil well" off the coast of Sierra Leone.

The petroleum marketing and sales sector is dominated by the five petroleum companies operating in the market. Mobil, Safecon and NP are the major players with Unipetrol and Lenoil having relatively smaller operations.

Petroleum Law & Legislation

The Sierra Leone oil industry is regulated by the Department of Trade, Industry and State Enterprises.

Oil & Gas Companies

Some of the notable oil and gas companies operating in Sierra Leone are:

  • Investment Oil Exploration
  • National Petroleum (SL) Ltd.
  • Turmenneft
  • Mobil
  • Safecon
  • NP
  • Unipetrol
  • Lenoil

Key Figures

  • Oil production: 3 bbl/day(2008)
  • Oil Consumption: 9,000 bbl/day(2008)
  • Oil Exports: 502 bbl/day(2007)
  • Oil Imports: 8,316 bbl/day(2007)
  • Oil Proved Reserves:0 bbl (2009)
  • Natural Gas Production: 0 cu m(2008)
  • Natural Gas Consumption: 0 cu m (2008)
  • Natural Gas Exports: 0 cu m (2008)
  • Natural Gas Imports: 0 cu m (2008)
  • Natural Gas Proved reserves: 0 cu m(2009)

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