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The extent of Senegal's oil and natural gas reserves, despite sporadic exploration since the 1950s, are not well known. The Dome Flore field off the southern coast, discovered by French oil producer Total in 1960, has estimated reserves of 700 million barrels of heavy crude oil. About 150 wells have been drilled, but the only commercial discoveries are limited to small natural gas fields east of Dakar. There are also extensive reserves of peat along the coast between Dakar and Saint-Louis. Natural gas production in 1998 totaled 40 million cu m.

Senegal has a limited upstream oil industry, although it is becoming increasingly important to the Senegalese economy. Petrosen is actively promoting onshore and offshore acreage where, since 1998, major permits in the form of production sharing contracts have been awarded. No offshore oil production is expected before 2020.

The downstream industry is important and well developed with Senegal being one of the four refining countries in West Africa.

During the period 1996 to 1998, Senegal undertook an aggressive economic reform programme including a privatization drive which affected the energy sector, in particular the downstream industry.

Senegal imports crude oil to be refined by the SAR refinery in Dakar. The refinery has a nominal capacity of 1 million tons of oil per year. There are adequate storage facilities for both crude and finished product located in Dakar. There are many major international oil companies have a presence in the country.

Petroleum Law & Legislation

The oil industry in Senegal is regulated by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Industries and its national oil company is Petrosen. Hydrocarbon exploration and production in Senegal is governed by Law N0. 98-05 enacted on January 5, 1998.

A single pricing structure exists for all products which determines the maximum price that can be charged. In 1998, liberalization of pricing structure was introduced

Oil & Gas Companies

Some of the notable oil and gas companies in Senegal are:

  • Petrosen
  • Libya Oil Senegal S.A.
  • Fortesa International
  • Total Petroleum Oil Company

Key Figures

  • Oil production:0 bbl/day(2008)
  • Oil Consumption: 0 bbl/day(2008)
  • Oil Exports: 5,653 bbl/day(2007)
  • Oil Imports: 42,850 bbl/day(2007)
  • Oil Proved Reserves:0bbl(2009)
  • Natural Gas Production: 50 million cu m(2008)
  • Natural Gas Consumption: 50 million cu m (2008)
  • Natural Gas Exports: 0 cu m (2008)
  • Natural Gas Imports: 0 cu m (2008)
  • Natural Gas Proved reserves: N/A

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