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Nigeria’s Security Printing Specialists

The Nigerian Security Printing and Minting PLC: is the only full-fledged security printing organization in the whole of African sub-region. It produces currency notes and coins for the Central bank of Nigeria as well as a wide range of security documents for federal, state and local government establishments, commercial banks, blue chip companies and others.

Biometric Identity Cards

Maritime Dockworkers Identity Cards

New biometric identity cards are being issued and granted to authorized Dockworkers that gain access to the nation’s sea ports/terminals and Jetties. The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) have commenced this exercise as part of their commitment to improving the wellbeing of Dockworkers in Nigeria. This ID Card Scheme will help determine the total number of Dockworkers engaged at the nation’s seas ports, their employers and location which is in-line with internationally acceptable standards such as the International Ships and Port Facility Security Code.

Seafarer Identity Cards

The Joint Maritime Labor Industrial Council selected 3M Corporation to deploy its Identity Document Issuance System for the Nigerian Seafarers’ Identity documents. 3M Corporation has integrated Cogent System’s fingerprint technology that will help officials verify the cardholder’s identity, consequently allowing seafarers easier entry to foreign ports. Authorities can use the 3M Identity Document Issuance System to compare “live” fingerprints of the SID holder with the biometric stored on the document to confirm identity and check document authenticity.


The Nigerian Government has introduced a chip-based e-passport to diminish the growing cases of forgery and identity theft. These passports contain a digital face photo as well as thumb and forefinger fingerprint templates. The biometric component is based on BioLink Automated Multi-biometric Information System (AMIS), being a gigantic and powerful matcher of biometric templates and based on patented award-winning fingerprint matching algorithms. BioLink co-operated with its strategic partners Iris Smart Technologies Ltd (ISTL) which is the supplier of the passport disposal system software, electronic inlays for e-passports and is responsible for printing the new passports.


Nigeria's Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the Nigerian Computer Society (NCS) have declared their support for an electronic voting system for the 2011 elections. The Information Technology Association of Nigeria (ITAN) has also backed the adoption of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM). They believe that electronic voting would overcome the problems of mass thumb printing of ballot papers, ballot stuffing, snatching of ballot boxes, impersonation of voters, errors due to manual collation of results and multiple registrations. But Nigeria’s INEC and NCS highlighted the need for sufficient time to be given for the adoption and implementation of the technology needed for electronic voting.

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