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Tourist Smart Cards

Namibia’s NAMPOST Savings Bank has launched a Tourist Smart Card in 2010 designed to make visiting the country easier and safer.

The card will enable visitors to withdraw or deposit cash, pay for gas and groceries, rent cars, book hotel rooms and buy pre-paid airtime at Post Offices, as well as transfer funds to another user’s card. The cards are activated by the user’s fingerprint only, rending them inaccessible to thieves

Voter ID Cards

Digimarc ID Systems, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Digimarc Corporation, had signed a contract in 2002 to integrate and supply equipment and materials to the Namibian Electoral Commission to issue Voter ID cards to 1.2 million Namibian citizens. The provision of the Voter ID cards was necessary to fulfill the Namibian Government's constitutional requirement to re-register and to provide secure Photo Voter ID cards to the entire eligible voting population every 10 years.

Health Smart Cards

Methealth Namibia launched in May 2010 a state-of-the-art health smart card for members belonging to Namibia Medical Care and Bankmed Namibia. With the microchip technology, the smart card is able to store a member’s personal information, critical and chronic medical information as well as store transactions between the service provider and the medical aid server.

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