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Machine Readable Passports

In 2010, Malawi’s Department of Immigration has officially launched its new machine readable passport. The new document has been produced by Global Enterprise Technologies (GET Group) along with its local partner, Techno Brain Limited (TBL). The passport issuing system uses proprietary issuing software and Toppan E2000 digital passport printers and security films provided exclusively by GET Group.

According to GET, the solution addresses the entire passport issuance process from enrolment to passport delivery. The new Malawian passport incorporates more than 20 different security features.

Biometric Banking E-Card

Sagem was selected in 2004 by The Reserve Bank of Malawi to install a fingerprint recognition system that secures card and e-purse issuance throughout the country.

This new biometric solution secures banking titles and rights by verifying the applicant’s identity (i.e he/she is who he/she claims to be) and uniqueness (i.e. the individual is not known under another name).

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