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Security Printing Specialists

De La Rue: sells high-security paper and printing technology for over 150 national currencies. It makes paper and prints banknotes for many banks worldwide including the Central Bank of Kenya.

The Rodwell Press Ltd.: is one of the oldest members of the print industry in East Africa. It provides many services, including security printing of cheques, lottery tickets, share certificates, demand drafts and scratch cards

Smart Cards

SMART, Kenyan health care solutions provider is working with On Track Innovations (OTI) who are the providers of the MediSmart card, which is a contactless smart card that contains the holder’s complete electronic health record (EHR), including personal and biometric identity, emergency contact information, medical history, co-payment options and more. According to OTI, fraud-resistant MediSmart cards are of particular use in Kenya, where it is estimated that 35% of claims in the health care sector in Kenya are fraudulent.

Electronic Driver’s License

Kenyan drivers will be issued with electronic driving licenses by the end of the year, the government has announced. No further details are available.

E- Voting

Kenya, keen on preventing the kind of violence that followed the general election of December 2007, has resorted to the introduction of electronic voting for the 2012 general election. In April 2010, Kenya entered electronic age voting by opening up 18 constituencies to computerized voter registration.

The Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC) says it is currently sampling different electronic voter systems to find the most suitable one for the country for the 2012 election. Among the companies is Electronic Corporation of India, which has offered an electronic voter registration plus India’s reputable Electronic Voting Machines which were successfully used last year in India’s general elections with over 700 million people voting.

Biometric Passports

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) had set April 2010 as a deadline for the Kenyan government to improve the security of travel documents. The new security features will be in line with internationally accepted standards to protect the security and integrity of passports. It is, in fact, a step towards issuing e-passports in future. Immigration minister, Otieno Kajwang, revealed that Kenya is moving to new technology where the new passports will have a new design with additional security features, including a chip with the holder's facial biometric. Although the new biometric passport will appear very similar to the current one externally, it will feature a logo indicating that there is a chip inside. Tenders for the supply of the chips have not been yet declared.

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