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Guinea Bissau
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The telecommunications system in Guinea-Bissau is small including a combination of microwave radio relay, open-wire lines, radiotelephone, and mobile-cellular communications. The fixed-line tele-density is less than 1 per 100 persons, whereas the mobile-cellular tele-density approached 35 per 100 persons in 2008.

Licenses & Regulations

The Ministry of Telecommunications is the regulatory authority in charge of controlling the telecommunications industry in the country.

Fixed Lines

Guinetel is the only fixed-line operator in Guinea-Bissao. The number of main lines in use reached 4,600 in 2008.


Guinea-Bissau’s GSM sector has three competing operators: MTN’s Spacetel Guinea-Bissau (Areeba), Sonatel’s Orange Bissao and the government owned operator Guine Telecom.

The number of mobile subscribers are estimated at 659,000(2010), which is about 2.36% of the population.

Mobile Operators

Average Revenue per User (ARPU)

No information regarding Guinea-Bissau mobile operator’s ARPU rates has been publically disclosed.


In 2009, the number of internet hosts was 82, while the number of internet users reached 37,100 which is a penetration rate of 2.4%.

Key Figures

  • Number of main lines in use: 4,600 (2008)
  • Number of mobile subscribers: 659,000 (2010)
  • Number of internet users: 37,100 (2009)
  • Number of internet hosts: 82 (2009)
  • Internet penetration rate: 2.4% (2009
  • Mobile penetration rate: 29.0116% (2009)

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