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Located in the Horn of Africa region, Djibouti has no proven reserves of oil or natural gas, or refining capacity.

All petroleum products are imported. Djibouti's main economic asset is its strategic location. The city of Djibouti, capital and home to nearly two-thirds of the country's population, is a major transshipment port and bunkering facility. Good transportation infrastructure with the country and links to neighboring African states earns Djibouti much-needed transit taxes and harbor fees.

Although there is currently no upstream (exploration or production) oil activity in Djibouti, the government has tried to generate interest in offshore oil exploration without success. The downstream oil sector, however, is an important aspect of Djibouti's economy, given the role the capital city plays as a significant regional bunkering and refueling facility. Three companies--ExxonMobil, Shell and Total-- handle refueling at Djibouti's port. The companies, along with ChevronTexaco, also distribute and market petroleum products in the country. Storage capacity at the port facility is 1.26 million barrels (200,000 cubic meters). The Dubai Ports Authority (DPA) was awarded a 20-year contract in June 2000 to manage the port. DPA hopes to increase Djibouti's handling capacity from 125,000 metric tons to 300,000 metric tons per year and to make it the leading transshipment point on the African continent.

Petroleum Law & Legislation

The oil industry is regulated by Ministere de l'Industrie, de L'Energie et des Mines.

Oil & Gas Companies

Some of the notable oil and gas companies operating in Sudan are:

  • ExxonMobil
  • Shell
  • Total
  • Chevron Texaco

Key Figures

  • Oil production: 0 bbl/day(2008)
  • Oil Consumption: 13,000 bbl/day(2008)
  • Oil Exports: 19 bbl/day(2007)
  • Oil Imports: 8,476 bbl/day(2007)
  • Oil Proved Reserves: 0 bbl (2009)
  • Natural Gas Production: 0 cu m(2008)
  • Natural Gas Consumption: 0 cu m (2008)
  • Natural Gas Exports: 0 cu m (2008)
  • Natural Gas Imports: 0 cu m (2008)
  • Natural Gas Proved Reserves: 0 cu m(2009)

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