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Cape Verde
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The small island republic of Cape Verde has no known oil or gas reserves, either onshore or offshore and has no upstream oil industry. The downstream oil industry is wholly dependent on refined petroleum products imported from Portugal and mainland African countries.

In 2002, petroleum imports and consumption both totaled 8,870 barrels per day.

The country has no known production or consumption of natural gas.

Petroleum Law & Legislation

The Cape Verde oil industry is regulated by Direccao Geral da Energia.

Key Figures

  • Oil production: 0 bbl/day(2008)
  • Oil Consumption: 2,000 bbl/day(2008)
  • Oil Exports: 0 bbl/day(2007)
  • Oil Imports: 1,619 bbl/day(2007)
  • Oil Proved Reserves: 0 bbl (2009)
  • Natural Gas Production: 0 cu m(2008)
  • Natural Gas Consumption: 0 cu m (2008)
  • Natural Gas Exports: 0 cu m (2008)
  • Natural Gas Imports: 0 cu m (2008)
  • Natural Gas Proved Reserves: 0 cu m(2009)

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