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Biometric Enrollment & Card Production Systems

In 2008, Zetes won a contract to supply equipment and specialized services for the biometric and biographic enrolment and card production systems to identify Burundi’s 58,000 civil servants.

Zetes and its local partner NSI will be responsible for supplying the equipment, providing the technical training for personnel and for maintenance, under the supervision of the Belgian Technical Cooperation (CTB) and SOFOS Consultants, who will coordinate all of the activities in the run up to the project, the deployment of the teams and the enrolment of the civil servants in the field.

Military Biometric ID

In 2009, Zetes signed a contract with a consortium comprising Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) and French firm SOFOS Consultants to deliver identification technology for a census of the Burundian military.

Under the terms of the deal, Zetes is providing technology for the biometric and biographical enrolment of soldiers, centralization of data, elimination of duplicates, and the production of secure ID cards. The technology will be implemented within the administrative services of the Defense Ministry and the Army. The project is also being closely monitored by the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

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